The Orange Diary

This last December, when I was visiting home and my family in India, I found ‘the orange diary’. Do you remember seeing or even owning those li’l secret diaries (some of you girls might do!) as youngsters, which used to have locks on them? I totally do!

So, this diary was lying about purposelessly in an old dusty almirah that needed some TLC and that’s why I was in it! It didn’t have a lock on it any more and didn’t think it needed one as no one really cared about that diary and it’s secretly written pages, I smirked at the teenage scribbling and then thought, it was only there ready to be trashed ?? !! or may be not??

11193322_10205781278626716_4065597865891259992_n (1)

I picked it up and started leafing through it. Read every page carefully, read a few words aloud, touched the faded crayon colors used in some of its pages, smiled at some of the fill in the blanks that it had cleverly written  in it (at-least that was the thought then) for the name of that guy ‘she’ had a crush on.

Oh, how simple was life, just pick up a diary, write anything you want and then lock it up and hide it where mum can’t reach! My naive-ness made me smile and ‘the orange diary’ became ‘my orange diary’ !

SunriseI have, many a times wondered and moaned at my husband why does life have to be so fast, such a race, so mosaic and so mingled ? Very unexpectedly & interestingly , ‘My orange diary moment’ answered some of those questions. Life is fast as ‘I’ made it run, it is a race as ‘I’ wanted to win, it’s mosaic and mingled as ‘I’ wanted it to be designer like.

The thoughts kept lingering but as usual, like we do – I didn’t do anything about it. I just packed them in my luggage along with the diary and came back to routine life. Actually started running the race again, until today! I do not why today but it had to be some day so why not today! So, the reason I am tabbing these keys is because I want to find a passion, I want to find me, I want to share myself, I want to share the laughter & the mops life has offered me. I want to explore, experiment and experience. I want to write and let go ! I want to feel free but not secretly this time! Hope you enjoy the reading of all that and more. Hope you enjoy my learning, my eagerness, my frenzy and fervor.

Hope you find Zindagi (aka Life)- Raw & Amazing! 🙂


Why did I choose that name- zindagiyouarerawmazing ? I will be honest that I didn’t put too much thought in the name of my blog, may be I should have but then why is so much seriousness needed in something that can be spontaneous and fun. On second thoughts, same goes for like aka Zindagi.. It is raw and gritty , yes so it is at times, but at others, it is also amazing and playful. We tend to forget how redeemed we are, how blessed we are and how lovely life has been to us in most ways. If only we can take a pause, if only we could count the stars, if only we used that baking book on the shelf to make brownies, if only we just stopped at someone’s door to say thank you, if only we didn’t have a plan, if only we had no destination and no itinerary, we would know that hey Life is Raw& Amazing after all!


Love Anu xx


  1. From a locked, private diary to a public times have changed. But it in a way indicates an evolution of an individual who would rather share than script and lock up…

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  2. Reblogged this on The Doodle Scoop and commented:

    My Very First Blog-Post, not too long back.. Beginning of my blogging journey , where I didn’t have a mission, no targets to fulfil, no destination to achieve, just moments to seize! Happily, it is still the same…I only have a long & lovely way to go 🙂 Hope you keep visiting me soon and often. Hope you tag along with me for some happiness, sharing and finding zindagi aka life to be raw&amazing!


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