Today was not planned…

We were expecting our good friends Saro and Gowri to visit us with their two little children and spend some time. It was their anniversary so I had baked a sponge cake to be filled with whipped creame and fresh berries.  Sat down for lunch, sun was shining on my face while we enjoyed a home cooked meal, the full bloom daffodils and chatter.  S suggested how about go to the pier and have cake and tea in the outdoors. Sounded nice , so the two and a half ladies (Gowri, Me and the little lady-Prishita) started packing an unplanned picnic. I raided my bread bin and found some mint cookies and baked crisps to throw into the picnic box. Packed the cake , made the tea and off we went towards the sea. The little ones spotted some cloud shapes, some horse tails, a spaceship and a half turned egg, while I felt lucky that I could spot clouds !!

Spotting the clouds wasn’t planned... Sea was beautiful, felt like a calm blue satin spread with it’s shimmering edges. Her shore shimmered when her rippling waves hit the rocks. We all had a little stroll and soon realised that we needed a ‘slightly’ sheltered place for doing the cake and teas. Walked round the pier and came back to where the boat was parked. That was comforting. How wonderful is human psychology, sometimes we can find comforts in a slightly sheltered boat and sometimes not even in a magnificent manor.  Sea was still blue on one side and turning another shade at the other. There was sun on our side and grey clouds on the other end. Tea was the most important thing to us all then. Got the mugs out, the flask out and poured it all. It smelled lovely. Gowri had added some cardamoms in it while I was doing other things. What a nice cup of Happiness!

2015-04-26 19.11.28

The kids were waiting for the cake appearance so it had to be done fairly quick. Pulled the cake out of the carrier and and the grown ups had a feather-brain attempt in lighting the candle in the bare wind. To be honest, the idea was mine, so I should maybe take that comment back 😉 But, hey it worked !

We had a lighted candle revealed to the sea, wind and the sun only for a few precious minutes though and look we managed to click a picture too.


So, with the feeling of victory and a gaping delight, we appreciated the hot (well almost hot!) cup of ‘chai’ with cake.

Life felt like how I like it to be. Simple, elementary, just like that piece of cake!  Hope you like the sound of my day, after all life is raw and amazing in many ways, with or without plans 🙂

Tell me how your day went today, leave me comments , ask me questions or just tell me what you want in the next read..

Come back soon ..

Love Anu x


  1. So impressed with your writing skills. Keep writing 🙂 had a super time with you both yesterday. Will definitely give you a chance to write more and more xx

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