Puffin o’Clock !

At 5’o clock, my working day finished as usual. Sun was glittering outside and I was waiting in the car park for my chauffeur, of course S, who else, to come for a pick up! Going to the gym after work (or trying to go would be more truthful) would have been the normal routine, but that felt like – just so wrong!

Not to be outdoors on a day like today and soak as much sunshine possible is not done! You will get used to my ‘sunshine’ commitments very soon.

In Shetland, if the sun is out, you gotta be out! That is a rule.

After a bit of a debate on where to go & what to do – debating between going to Britain’s most northerly Fish & Chips, Frankies F&C in Brae for drive, or to the Sumburgh Head lighthouse to say hello to the Puffins or to the Banna Minn beach for the tombolo.  At the end, practicality and Puffins won and we were on the road to Sumburgh Head as that would mean a shorter distance to home on the way back. Why were we debating at the first place, I never know!

So, we had a plot and while S was more than glad that gym was not where we were going, he gave me that pretentious ‘eyebrow’ look and asked ‘Is this for your blog?!’

That made me smile, but I didn’t. The serious look was maintained and I said, ‘Of course No, it’s just for sunshine sake, don’t you get it?!’ – Another pretension..

I ask, is it wrong to try and find inspiration or is it wrong to make a dull working day interesting with some Puffin O’clock!

Anyway, back to where we were. Lots of cars were going our way today, clearly Shetland was in a mood of a mid-week outing and I won’t blame anyone but the weather man. It never is as nice on the weekend as it is on a weekday. Typical, isn’t! We stopped twice in between for two important reasons – Fish & Chips and Camera, oh, and my fairisle-headband , so actually three! I have been to Sumburgh Head before and I wasn’t dressed for the occasion then, so I didn’t want to do that again.

While we are driving , let me give you a brief tale of Shetland’s southernmost point – Sumburgh Head and the lighthouse. The head heaves with sea bird colonies in summers, not in hundreds but thousands even five!!


Puffins return here to the same burrow every year to lay just one egg and the adult puffins take turns to incubation until about 40 days AND we have a new Puffin then! How unique is that?! (These are some of my readings and findings from the live puffin cameras that are installed 24/7 at the lighthouse head!)

The light house is another interesting site to view while you are in Shetland. Not only is it the southernmost tip and but you can also spot whales from here! They say you don’t have to be lucky to spot a whale here! I have also read that the light house is built in 1821, but you can’t tell!

Drive to the Sumburgh top is pretty windy and slender, but totally worth doing it because of the breath-taking illustration that surrounds the drive and of-course the adorable baby lambs, the lambing season is here !

We reached the top and parked the car, temperature showed 12 degree on the dash. That was looking great. No, that’s our summer, it really was fab. We decided to have the Fish & Chips and then go for a walk. When we stepped out 12 degrees felt more like 2! We were not surprised as we knew the beloved hoodies would do the trick.

Only at the Sumburgh Head in Shetland, you can hear less wind and more Puffins.

They are all there making life, building burrows, nesting the family. It was a fantastic sight, not so fantastic sound levels to S ! He is not a fan of noise, while to me it didn’t matter. They can’t be any noisy than me.

There were a few other people strolling and watching the Puffins, in convesration Kittiwakes and Fulmars. Don’t mistake me for a birder in its entirety, but when you are in Shetland, you know the names eventually.


One man had a really fancy DSLR , with the longest lens ever, I think he was wanting to see the egg incubating in the burrows ! Jokes apart, he knew his angles and he was kind. He stopped, S thinks must be my overly keen face inspecting his camera size ! He stopped to show me one of his clicks and asked ‘what do you think?!’ A gorgeous Puffin gathering material for the nest.

Oh there he had done it, given me an inspiration. I thought I can do this with my ‘little star’ camera after all, why not! Only if I could even hold it tight and stand upright. This is what I managed eventually after about 15 shots or more, clearly I am a no angle expert!!


That was coming to a perfect ending of the day. Just as much interesting as I wanted it to be. We had a scenic dinner with a basic take away, we watched Puffins, and some bunnies running about (spot the bunny ↓), sadly no whales today… We both were well pleased that we were there and enjoyed the ‘Simmer Dim’ the Sumburgh Style.


To know more about Simmer Dim, keep yourself tuned to Zindagi (aka Life)- You are Raw & Amazing!

I better get some sleep now.. Good night friends !

PS – If you want to visit Sumburgh Head and watch these little bundles of joy , you can get more information on

http://www.sumburghhead.com/ or http://visit.shetland.org/

Love Anu x


  1. Brilliant narration and great choice of words, I could visualize Sumburgh Head and the first thing I did was to visit the links and believe me I was blown away by the beauty of this place…..you have nailed it Anu…….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fabulous Annie. Was a little worried at first .. Thought that you had wrong date…was a day forward…as yesterday was 29th April (my sons birthday) but then realised that’s when you posted your blog.. But hey Annie.. I think. In the near future, Shetland will hold a new author on its land..why not a tale about it…capture your spirits.. Keep it up… It’s brilliant.. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks June. Your words are so encouraging and I will definitelty think about your suggestion. Shetland is a place of tales .. so keep tuned in for more .. xx


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