The Prologue.. to ‘You inspire me’ feature

I was out for a walk by the pier and I see this absorbed lady, working with a shovel in her beautifully wrinkled hands. I have seen her before. She lives in the house with the red roof. I have passed by the house a few times now, and every time, I cannot help, but to be a bit nosey. That garden reflects her love for nature; perhaps her shabby but healthy life, it reflects the time and endeavor that has gone into it, it reflects the wilderness in her. It looked like a little book of treasures to me with various colourful pages of illustrations in it. I went up to her and said ‘You inspire me’!!


One of my best friends! While most knew her as a book worm, a geek and a school topper, I knew her as an artist. She canvases, she reviews, she travels and dialogue is her strength! She is an engineer turned creative by passion. She started writing and blogging with two followers – her dad and her husband. TODAY, she own a blog that has 2007 followers and manages a website that creates opportunities & moments. She lives out of a suitcase, because her winnings through her creation have no limits. ‘She inspires me’!

Solo travels, motion photography, scruffy sails, budget backpacking is him! In a statement ‘the lesser lush travels’ is his forte. He hated his banking career with a passion, went beyond all odds of the society to tour on his hunger of travels. His voyaging is not just what you see in the soulful pictures he takes and in his effortless humour but it is also full of struggles, questions, the societal ‘raised eyebrow’ looks, unemployment & depressions. He has bypassed all that and for him sky isn’t the limit! ‘He inspires me’!

Life begins at 60 for him! The man is a personification of knowledge. He is a retired doctor by profession but he never seemed to have retired. Flowers, rocks, trails, scenery, cafe hopping, storytelling, he masters all that! He loves his cakes and coffees in a newly opened cafe and also one in that shabby looking corner at the end of the street. He tour guides for tourists from around the world. Life for him never ceases because he likes to explore experiment, find, fail and learn! Oh, ‘He inspires me’! I can go on and on .. But, what can you really say about how meaningful such inspirations are in our lives, that hasn’t already been said ?

And that’s why, I propose to you my weekly column for the ‘less famous but none the less inspiring stories’.

inspire 2

Stories that you can relate to, stories that make you think, ‘oh! I can do that too!’ story of your mum, my friend or the guy you met at the garage! A story that deserves to be told not because it is famous (/or not) but because it can be instilling, because it can spur and spark! It may help to conceive yourself and rediscover something that is just lying latent. Stories that might reveal you, or just lighten you with a smile ! AND … the finest part is I didn’t have to trek looking for these features. Some were on my phone book; some my neighbors, some acquaintances, some even family and some were just strangers who innocently bumped in my life & inspired me.

Isn’t that spectacular??!


My intention is a rendezvous-like column to introduce you to that beautiful gardener, my blogger friend, the solo nomad, the remarkable tour guide and so many more exciting people and their versions. I will be honoured if my scrawling and scribbling can bring such inspirations to light and am very thankful that they have agreed to share it on my ‘less famous’ (not infamous) blog, in the ‘You Inspire Me feature ! Ranging from a Himalayan climbing experience, a Crafter’s hobby classes, a Musical road to fame, a Struggling side artist, a Kitchen dream or just a simple story of a Caring hardworking mum….there’s lot in store… ! so keep tuned and keep smiling ! That is all I want  🙂

Come back for more and come back soon

Until then keep inspiring and keep smiling

Love Anu xx

Disclaimer- Images used are from the web and not my work.


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