My Honesty- My Ma !

Dear Ma,

I wish I could touch your beautifully wrinkled hands, I wish I could feel your pickle stained saree, I wish seeing you was less dependent on communication media,  I wish I could hug you when I want to, I wish I can hear the throaty music that you make when you sleep, I wish we could share our duvet and night time laughs,  I wish I was nearer, I wish I could say how much I love you and how my life without you is inadequate.

‘Ma’ – my most honest diction. Every mother is much loved, every mother is special, every mother is precious to their children. But do we tell you enough what we feel about you.

I will try and tell you my bit. I promise, I will try Ma!

When I need heart to beat again, when I need to be held, when I need to tell someone how the day went, when I miss not being with family on ‘Diwali’, when I am tired of putting up that smile, when all I need is ‘Dal-Chawal’ , when all I need is to ‘dial Ma’, I miss you. Missing you is what keeps me going. If I didn’t miss you, I would not be me!

I have never been the most popular, the most beautiful, most clever, the topper, the shooter, the go getter as much as I wanted to be! I may have been a striver, but failed mostly… Today, none of that matters!

There is only one thing that helps me skim through the crowd and that is ‘Honesty’.  And, I owe that most important one thing to you , Ma – You nurtured it in my nature!

Being in a family of five daughters and no sons (!), you fared extremely well with the pressure of competing for a son’s position. You were an academician, a house help, a home tutor, a professional, a sister, a friend to granny and a branch to granda! You were an honest daughter.

Your day started at silly’o clock when most of the others were enjoying a dream , you were preparing food for the household, packing lunches and bags, ironing the collars and polishing the school shoes. You planned, you cooked, you worked, you saved, you came back with a smile and many times with Sharma ji ke ‘samose’. You fought with cancer, you fought for your father(-in-law), you fought like you would fight for your own father! You were an honest daughter in law!

You are modern, yet traditional. You are smart, yet innocent. You are generous, yet calculated. You were a friend, a sister, a guide, a nurse, a teacher, a soul-mate and a wife. You are baba’s  (dad’s) greatest strength. You are his spine.  You are an honest wife!

The ingredients of care, unconditional love, truth, maturity, hugs, generousness, fun, positivity, genuineness, an open mind, creativity, when whipped together in your favourite kitchen bowl , gives the most wonderful recipe and that is of you-my yummy mummy! You are beyond words. You are an honest mother!

My honesty is not just about ‘not telling lies’, it is your reflection in me. My honesty is about being honest to my soul than just to others. My honesty is for standing for my family, my loved ones and myself. My honestly is to unpick, unfathom and to be fair to all. My honesty lies in my consistency.

My consistency to be a virtuous daughter, a dutiful wife, an aspiring loving mother, a supportive friend. My honesty is being myself and not trying to be others. My honesty is to give it my best shot, to try and not to regret. My honesty is to experiment, explore, find, fail , learn and not just to win.

My honesty is to share than to ask, to smile than to frown. You taught me to believe – I am popular, I am beautiful, I am clever, I am a topper, I am a shooter and I am a go getter!

My honesty is my ‘MA’ !



The sisters (Anu & Debo)

PS : I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda


  1. Wow…. When reading and admiring my your words….while wiping away many tears… Some of it left me speechless….. I can see myself still saying things in my head like this to my Mum…
    My only wish would have been to tell her more…much more how I thank her for everything she ever did for me..and my 5 brothers and 2 sisters.
    Yes I am the youngest of 8 children and the lover she gave us… Was no different from one another… Each one of us were blessed…
    With Much Much Sadness… It will be 27 years. On the 10th May… That we lost our Dear Mum..
    She had been to see her family in Austailia a brother she had not seen for over 34 years.
    But the day of her return to her family.. She died coming home on the plane..
    On that day…. Part of me died too… But staying strong was very hard… My Son whom she never got to see was just “10 days old” .. If it wasn’t for me being strong… I had to do it for him and my Daughter. Who was just 2 years old…. It still feels like yesterday…. The pain will never go … We just make it somehow liveable…. Can’t say much more … For the tears…
    But what I wold like to say is… Tell your Mum… Or your Dad … Everyday… Once week.. Or as much as you can… How much you love them…because sometimes, tomorrow never comes.!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us…they are kindhearted. Most sincere…of that I can see. Overwhelming full of love and much. Admiration…

    God bless you Annie and all your family..xx


    • June your feelings and sincerity is well reflected in what you wrote. I know it never gets easy but they are looking at you from up above and only smiling and wishing smiles and happiness for you. The fact that you are such a brave lady and with full of kindness yourself of as much I have known , it shows how you have been nurtured. Liz is no different too and I am sure your son as well. So thank you again and hope you keep reading and sharing your thoughts with me, I love when I see a notification with your name on it
      You are very right sometimes tommorow never comes and that us my biggest fear of living so far away from the family. But sometimes life doesn’t give you many options so one had to make the best of what they have! I feel what I am is for my family and friends 🙂 xx


  2. Very nicely put… how simple the words look but how deep the meanings are… I guess all of us feel like you… but we are less gifted with words or if I have to put in a simpler form.. we even though appreciate her, do not take the pain of thanking her..believing MOM KNOWS WHAT WE THINK

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