Creamy Delights – You Inspire me

I believe inspiration lies not just in big names but in our daily lives, in our friends, family, acquaintances and in every one of US! Each inspiration has a personality and trust me, personalities have the power to uplift, power to curse and to bless!

So, here’s presenting to you my Very FIRSTYou Inspire Me’ personality – The Owner of Creamy Delights –Neha Pasricha Batra! For that particular occasion when you want a cake made to mellow your eyes and stir the taste buds, creamy delights by Neha is a one stop shop!

 I am from a family where food and tradition have always a played an appetising role. My family has a list of great cooks (especially Nani) and I stand nowhere near them. I call myself the ‘chalu’ (one who just manages) cook. I have seen my grandma, my aunties, and my mum spending a lot of time in the kitchen … sometimes out of choice but sometimes because they did not have much choice.

But Neha is different, she is a self made baker! She spends time in the kitchen because she enjoys it! And that’s most important, if you love what you do, then you are the best at it! Kitchen is her playground and the ingredients are the toys, you give her the toys and she builds a toy story!

 I have been following Neha since a few years now and every time she posts a picture on face book, in my head I go, oh, wish I could make that! So, I decided why not share her story and share the inspiration she gave me to experiment my love with the oven. Oven was never my favourite thing. The thought of using it was overwhelming and this was still when I considered myself a gadget person! Never mind..

So after this brief introduction, (which does feel like a bit carried away, but what can I not say about this young inspiring chef!), let Neha do the talking now!

Let’s get a Slice of Neha 

Q: When and why did you start cooking?

Neha: It all started after Marriage. I remember the day when I had to make something sweet for the first time, in my new home. The appreciation I got that day paved my way into cooking. From that day till now kitchen is my next favourite place.

Q:  How did your passion for baking start? Who was your inspiration?

Neha – Baking has always attracted me. The aroma of freshly baked cake is the only reason that I entered into this world of baking. Sugar Star’s Yolanda is my biggest inspiration. I hope to own a desert café. You are all welcome !


Q: Baking doesn’t seem very popular in India, why is that? 

Neha: Baking is a taboo in many households, as its considered difficult. It’s still not as popular in the third tier cities as it is popular in the bigger metros. Lack of proper ingredients, training schools are few of the reasons of it being not so popular. In my baking I try to use best of ingredients, like almond meal, almond flour, honey, olive oil, oats so that it gives the best of both the world.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about on Food Lovers Nest?

Neha: Its recipes from all day to day cooking. Basic tips and tricks for all the newbies. I always try to make something new. I have a habit of setting up a menu for the entire week, and no two things should be the same. I like experimenting with flavours and ingredients.

Q: Have you taken any formal training in cooking/baking?

Neha: I am self-taught baker and a cook. Reading and experimenting helps me out. I have some favourite cookbooks that I follow from time to time. Tv shows are also a geat source of inspirations.


Q: For someone who is new to baking, what would be your tip to them ?.

Neha – Be Patient.

Q: The 5 must Knows for every baker?

Neha –

    • Proper measurements are a must.
    • Failure is a part of any baking experiment, so DO NOT give up!
    • Use best of ingredients, as it will help in bringing out the taste
    • Don’t get daunted by the equipment that other people are using. Use the one which you are comfortable with.

Q: Does becoming a Pastry Chef in India have a future?

Neha – India has opened doors for cake artists and pastery chefs. People are getting creative and moving on to more modern baking. It requires a lot of skill and aesthetic sense, but we are getting there !

Q: Can we expect to see a cook-book from you? What things would the book include?

Neha – Hope so someday this can come true. The book will include all tried and tested recipes, some traditional ones and some new ones. May be something around how I have failed at times and my learnings from those failures


Q: What role does your Family play in your baking?

Neha: My Husband is the biggest support that I can ever have. He is my guide, my cleaner, my fondant roller, my delivery guy everything that a home baker requires. He is the backbone of my small business. Totally blessed to have him.

Q: How does Neha promote her baking/ cooking?

Neha: Right now it’s really just word of mouth and social media. I think every little step counts and it takes li’l ones to make it big. Also you can’t hide taste.

Q: Your favourite condiment Neha?

Neha: In baking it is the vanilla bean. I just love the fragrance and gives the cake a superb taste.


Q: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of your passion?

Neha: The smile on my client’s face keeps my passion going.

Q: Have you ever thought of participation in Kitchen shows like Master Chef India? What are your thoughts?

Neha: I actually want to, I thinks it’s a superb platform, to learn and get an exposure to various aspects of cooking. May be soon, you will spot me there!

Q: If you were to invite 5 personalities (dead / alive/ fiction/ Non-fiction but not family and friends) who would they be?

Neha:  Yolanda from Sugar Stars, Julia Roberts, Ranbir Kapoor, Hansle and Gretel, Matt Moran from Master chef Australia.

I think they will make an interesting table conversation while I treat them with my recipes.


Q: Let’s conclude with a Neha’s few favourites.


Fav Food – North Indian Punjabi food & basil-pesto pasta.

Fav Colour: White

Ever Fav Movie: Pretty Woman & Jo Jeeta wahi sikandar

Fav Book: Fountainhead

Your Animal Spirit: I am a Rabbit. These guys are known for their discriminating taste, refined, cultured and a bit snobbish!

Fav Kitchen Equipment: My Hand Blender which helps me create magic

Neha’s Kitchen Rule: Keep it clean

Message to our followers and kitchen aspirants: # Love is the main ingredient of all my recipes #



To get a bite size from those delicious cake or just to know the recipe , you can contact her on

Food Lovers Nest or Creamy Delights By Neha

PS – Neha, I have nicked some of your fantastic photos , I am sure you would not mind.  My you inspire me list is long and I have contacted my first few folks all at the same time, but I must commend this lovely girl for being so upbeat and sending me her quirky return without any pestering what so ever! (Nudge Nudge others !!)

Thanks you Neha 🙂

I will be back soon with more such delicious , inspiring stories … keep tuned, keep smiling

Anu xx

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