Anu’s take on Tanu Weds Manu Returns!

Movie reviews aren’t my forte, in fact this is my first. But Tanu Weds Manu-Returns was the highlight of my weekend in London especially because being in Shetland, I don’t get to see very many bollywood films, which by the way is not cool! But such is life (sad face!) instead I just have to live with the minions in the Jurassic world and the like.


I am a hard core movie buff and four years ago ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ was a first day first show for me !! So, (I try hard not to digress!), It was then, they met, fell in love, and got hooked. Still together, but the marriage now was a rattle of guns than bed of roses. Haven’t heard that the first time !!

This film belongs to Kangana Ranaut. One of her another stellar performances after Queen. In here we have not one but double shots of Kangana. Tanu, with her ‘care a damn’ attitude thrown in your face, also has a touch of cynicism this time around. And then there is the good natured Tanu look alike Datto! So shall I say triple shots?!

But more whistles from me for Kangana’s Haryanvi character which she performed with aplomb. Kangana being the talented artist that she is, mastered the Haryanvi dialect, the rough accent and I thought that the dislikeness in her likeness to Tanu was pleasing to the eye!


Romantic Tanu is always on a look out for thrill and adventure in life and that is a difficult combination to find with a regular guy like Manu. R. Madhavan (the male protagonist) is a depressed and a patient (both noun and adjective!) husband who is fed-up of his wife and suddenly bumping into Datto, meant he can be with his wife and not as well. He does well to the character of a man who wants love but has no clue! Like many men! He doesn’t try too much, that’s why his simple role is captivating. While, Tanu is ruing the loss of romance, Manu struggles to figure out what exactly has gone wrong. Again like many men! A counselor visit makes the matters worse and Tanu and Manu are separated.

Tanu is back in Kanpur, her hometown trying to overcome the mental turmoil within, by flirting with her past-her wild ways are back. This time, with a flavour of a London returned small town Desi. While she is busy giving culture shocks to her very civilised Indian family, Manu is back home too. He is a nervy wreck who is unable to handle what his life has come to.

While Tanu is flirting with Awasthi ji, Manu bumps into a Tanu lookalike who captures his mind’s eye. Athlete Kusum alias Datto is a rough, smart, independent Haryanvi young girl who has just started out in life, career and love. An unlikely love story seems to be taking shape here. This love story, I have to say didn’t look as convincing to me as was Tanu-Manu’s was!


Raj Awasthi who formed the third angle in the love story of Tanu and Manu is involved in Tanu and Datto’s story as well. Chintu, who lives in Tanu’s house as a rentee who never pays rent, plays his part in complicating matters. It becomes a sort of ‘love pentagon’ and does get a wee bit sluggish only for a little while in the second half, for me! But it recovered quickly!

Tanu and Manu go through a solid mayhem of not wanting and deep down so wanting each other. The story is now at a point where Manu is all set to marry Datto. Tanu is witnessing every single happening around Manu’s wedding and even running errands as if to punish herself for blowing it off. Raj Awasthi by this point is ready to accept Tanu yet again. Poor chap! The little sobered down Raj Awasthi aka Jimmy Shergill got my sympathies in some ways, I felt for him, but at least he was third time lucky (you will know how soon)!

Deepak Dorbriyal in his role as Pappi ji is the show stealer for me! Without his comic madness, an overdone character, spot on stand up dialogues, this film would have just been a marital rut! The picture below is a moment when Pappi ji is cherishing a samosa, or is going to…. Just when he gets intruded !! I would hate that…

A Special mention to the dialogue writer Himanshu Sharma is must. He gives us some killer one liners along with some pertinent dialogues that help immensely in characterization.


The songs of the movie have managed to get my thumbs-up for two reasons, one there were not many and second they suited the local states theme. Director’s previous movies, Tanu Weds Manu and Ranjhanna both appealed to me and after watching, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, it seems to be heading in the same direction!

Question still remains, does Manu and Datto get married? Does Awasthi ji get third time lucky? Does Chintu succeed in his malicious interventions? And finally and most importantly, what happens to Tanu and Manu- happily married of happily separated ? 

Watch the film to find out for yourself! 


This real desi rom-com with a slightly eccentric touch will get you a big grin as you leave the theatre as one cheery self. Go, enjoy! And come back to tell me what you thought?!!

PS – The pictures are sourced from web and if you are not familiar with the Hindi language , cineworld is playing the film with English subtitles 🙂

More to follow on my London weekend adventures…keep tuned in!!




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