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I bumped into #‬LufthansaPremiumEconomy blog writing only by coincidence on social media, as you do and I knew immediately that I wanted to do this, after all Lufthansa was my sailor’s first flight ever.

Frankfurt, skyhigh, lufthansa
Frankfurt from Sky High-Photo Courtesy Tushit Sen

If I may, my husband, a merchant navy sailor by profession, has travelled six continents counting about 67 countries in 12 years of his sailing span. And Lufthansa was his start of a ten! His first flight was with Lufthansa, boarding Mumbai to Frankfurt, his first international travel and then his first ship! We weren’t married then and every time he boarded a flight or sailed a new ship, he made a promise that one day he will take me to all those fascinating places. He has kept his promise and life has never ceased for us!

Today he says he is married to a ‘Paisa Vasool’ desi and that’s why you will read a ‘Paisa Vasool’ post today!  

Bridge of Love Locks, Germany, Hohenzollernbruecke bridge, Cologne
Bridge of Love Locks-Photo Courtesy Tushit Sen

First things first, being a ‘Paisa Vasool’ is not being a miser! Indians are known for often using the term loosely, simply meaning we like our money’s worth! And why should one tag this with just Indianism , after all who would not like their money’s worth or that extra edge! As you can imagine, I first heard the term from my mum, when she flaunted her pride in those extra couple of ‘dhaniya’ (aka coriander) strands she got from the subziwala (the vegetable vendor), oh what a ‘Paisa Vasool’ meal that was! Dad bought his first new car and was offered a full tank of fuel with non-slip mats, now that was a ‘Paisa Vasool’ deal! Our next doors, Mrs Chakraborti bought a new saree for her birthday and got some vouchers to spend in the newly opened cake and coffee shop around the corner. That became her  ‘Paisa Vasool birthday! Another perspective is – how simple was life! Today, we have the affordability, the convenience, the want, the income but do we have the time?  And the answer is – Yes, we do, but we just need to find it and enjoy it! Being a shippy wife has its benefits! I get to travel, explore, experiment, some such unheard of places where you would not venture until hinted. And Lufthansa has been our travel companion in many such discoveries.

Our motto is one moment at a time, more as a traveller than a tourist! 

Germany is on our travel bucket list for three main reasons – Breakfast in Berlin, Lake Constance and the clichéd Oktoberfest!

German Dream- Photo Images- Google

Coming back to where I was, ‘Paisa Vasool’ism is a part of a natural thriftiness that characterizes a typical Indian household. We have grown up with little and sometimes with very little !! We have heard the tales of deprivation and seen how our working parents have stretched their incomes to as far as possible. We have worked hard to learn the value of our money and harder to earn that money.

Not too long ago, my aunty (my masi) who has worked in a government organisation for 33 long years, where each morning began with a dull walk to work ! But that morning was different, she arrived at her regular desk, only to find it adorned with bunch of yellow roses. A lovely surprise awaiting her, when a company that she has been a loyal shopper with, sent her those flowers and a marble cake! It was a highlight moment of an otherwise dim office day! Wasn’t that a ‘Paisa Vasool’ moment?!

President of Mahindra & Mahindra’s automotive says, “The Indian consumer wants Western technology at Indian cost.” Goenka knows his talks, being a leader of a project that built India’s first SUV for the global market—the Scorpio—a vehicle that costs half as much as its competitors and delivers a full range of features and styling.

Lufthansa’s answer to the above is the #LufthansaPremiumEconomy! Not one, not two, not ten, but 16 ‘Paisa Wasool’ high-fives!!

Lufthansa Paisa Vasool- Premium Economy

Comfort, Personal Space, Relaxation and Entertainment – Personally I don’t mind paying an extra bit more for these but my Paisa (Money) needs to be wasool (worthy)!

Residing in Shetland Island, means being in a remote rural location. So, you have never heard of the place? Me neither, until I landed here! Shetland, in a jist means open spaces, fresh air, beautiful people, lovely peaceful sceneries, enriching memories and exquisite sea-life but many long flights to anywhere!

And in my long flights, I would not mind the extra leg space and the welcome drink, oh, may be a cocktail table even,  why not?! And that means I can put my feet up and relax (not literally!)

The extra bit of free baggage means I can let my hair loose and shop! Not sure if the husband would like that feature as much as I do. The want doesn’t end here, no it doesn’t! Who would not appreciate personal space even if they are on a flight, a foot rest and arm rest does wonders on a long flight. My personal dislike is when I am travelling and the neighbouring elbow keeps nudging me! Major Dislike! More personal space means more relaxation. Lounging is another favourite, I can lounge anytime anywhere and if the lounge is as good as Lufthansa Business Lounge, I would not mind if the flight is a bit delayed 😉

Courtesy:Lufthansa-Take me along

Again, the story still doesn’t end here, didn’t I tell you, it’s a start of a ten! It’s a ‘Paisa Vasool’ feel! You are comfortable, you have your space, you have raised a toast and now all you need is some entertainment.  You asked for it and they gave you ‘it’! Now, a big screen entertainment package with remote control, power ourself and a fold out table for your laptop!  For when you are tired and you need your sleep-just put on your ear plugs, go hide behind the sleep mask and only wake up when you arrive at your dream destination!  

Cartoon – Google Images

Now, if this doesn’t sound like a ‘Paisa Vasool’ package for you, nothing will! ‘Paisa Vasool’ is the highest praise. Consumers around the globe are budget squeezed—dubious of merchandisers and worried about the future. ‘Paisa Wasool’ can become the maxim for creating greater value that implies high quality, a complete package that delivers value for money. This strategy is rapidly growing arms and legs beyond just the borders of India. The global economic downturn is such that consumers in all emerging markets and in developed ones like America and Europe as well—are bargain hunting, which implies that there is a need for businesses to provide a unique value proposition: products that are both affordable and high-quality. If done the right way, this strategy can ensure you patrons and regulars around the world for years of loyal purchases, recommendations and absolute increases in quality consumption.

I feel Lufthansa now knows the secret!! My desi heart says, culturally looking for a bargain is part of any conversation, and is not considered rude. Right enough, Indians are deal seekers and what’s wrong with that?

Again, who are the genius originators of ‘Paisa Vasool’ism – The Paisa Vasool desi, The Indians !

Frankfurt fame- Photo courtesy -Tushit Sen

Please note : Some of the pictures are from the internet, some owned by Lufthansa and mostly, treasured clicks of one of our best friends – Tushit Sen, who has recently travelled to Frankfurt and had lots of colorful stories to share ! I am even more inspired to befriend the Germans and know their country!

So hope you enjoy the read and stop by for more soon. If you want to know, read, travel and experience Lufthansa,  Visit:

Until Then,

Love from

The Paisa Vasool Desi



  1. Reblogged this on The Doodle Scoop and commented:

    I bumped into #‬LufthansaPremiumEconomy blog writing only by coincidence on social media, as you do and I knew immediately that I wanted to do this, after all Lufthansa was my sailor’s first flight ever. Have a read and see what if you think this was a ‘Paisa Wasool’!!!


  2. This is a great post. We love the thought of premium economy but can never afford to do it for all the family so have never tried it. We loved Berlin when we visited, Im sure you will too when you get there. I must admit we usually fly with another carrier though as hubby is a pilot and loyalty etc goes along way 🙂

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  3. Well I certainly wasn’t expecting to see Shetland in your blog post – what a pleasant surprise!! I have lived here in Shetland for 16.5 years!!! 😀 A pleasure to meet another Shetland blogger through the #UKBloggers FB group! 😀 I’d love to travel more but I can’t afford the flights off Shetland to get to the airports with the affordable flights. It does take a very long time to get anywhere from here, doesn’t it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow,wow wow!! World is small and Shetland is smaller and just perfect! I am glad that we bumped into each other , I have been her close to 3 years now but only a newbie in the blogging arena, we must meet Elizabeth! I wonder if there are more bloggers in Shetland and we can have a peerie blogging community of our own ! Yes I agree flights are expensive and that makes me think twice thrice as well..your blog looks great too, expect a follower soon 🙂


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