Coming soon on You Inspire Me -Rolling Laddu (read more to know more)

For the love of travel, personal loss and an empty nest syndrome all inspired him to start his journey as a Solo Traveler. He gave up his full time established career for his lust to wander. Something that many just dream but never have the courage to do!

Laddu’s lense

Widely known as Laddu (read more for how he got that name!) , published as solo traveller, budget bagpacker, adventure junkie, travel blogger, writer, photographer, who has been my friend for ever. After following his foot loose travel love on social media and being a travel enthusiast myself, I knew he was a perfect addition to my ‘You Inspire Me’ interview series.

His travel videos are one of the most unique I have seen. He works really hard, braves dust, sweat and grime on road to bring back amazing stories from all corners, famous or unknown. What’s more, he writes some really amazing travel themed songs and poems! Some fun, some very deep!
These are the qualities which make him different than other travel bloggers! He has a massive fan following not for nothing! There’s no stopping him!

As they say a Rolling Laddu gathers no moss!!

Laddu on his endless travels

So keep tuned on here for a full bite size of Laddu and his #soulwindow in his interview with me, coming soon , coming shortly!

Keep inspiring, keep sharing
Anu xx

#feelinspired #sharehappiness #solotraveller #andwhatnot!


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