Sunday Teas, Shetland and Summer

Summer in Shetland goes synonymous with ‘Sunday Teas’ as a tradition. Every summer, it has been a folklore since decades to have tables of delicious home baked elegance served in community halls across villages in Shetland and is a must visit if you want to get the real #tasteofShetland Culture. afternoonteapicture  Tables are decked with lovely gingham table cloths, and beautiful flowers to go with it. Not only are they a treat for regulars and the Shetland tourists, but they also work great for raising money for charity and the communities. Don’t be surprised with the spread as Sundays are very much anticipated day of culinary over-indulgence.

Table of spread and our table round 2!
  If the weather is sunny, teas are sometimes offered with an open air car boot sales, raffle draws, table top sales, plant sale, cake sale, craft fairs and if not , then indoors it is.  My first Sunday tea experience was a few weekends before at the Dunrossness Community Hall. Rain or shine, one can be easily comfortable in this lovely Village Hall.  An easy turnover for a dull grey day!  At Dunrossness Hall that (and every) Sunday was all about a wonderful tasty spread, smiling faces, all ages but specially the warm elderly and the young helpers, a friendly environment and sugar rush! There was a spread of delicious cakes, sandwiches, quiches, pies, loafs and breads baked by the local residents.

Home baked and healthy
A raffle draw (and I wish I was lucky, I wasn’t) to follow , with prices like Marian Armitage’s Shetland food and cooking Book, Bottle of Wine, Sweet boxes. Kitchen seemed busy with huge and many kettles of tea boiling and ready to be pouredThere was also coffee and orange squash for who does not want tea. 

Tea, bliss!
   The woman in me was delighted to see the table top sale that came with it and that became my highlight of the day. A table full of plants that Lesley was selling, all home grown Shetland plants, free of virus and ready to be planted. 

Lesleys Plant Sale
I got my mini marguerite from there,  just what I needed! Look how lovely it is now.

My plant now..
Then there was a lovely retired Shetland photographer selling post card photos only for .50p each and I got some as Souvenirs and he also had calendars for 2016. I didn’t buy that as I thought I first need one for 2015! My other favourite was the hand made cards table ..In all, table top sale was grand! 

Table top sale
 And you are spoilt for choice as there is always something or the other going on in every community hall. Where I live in the south end of Shetland, the charming Cunningsburgh, I have about 5 community halls within a 10 mile range. That is awesome, because remember Shetland is only some 500 sq miles with an odd 23000 population. To me this is a great example of community outreach!  On my way back, I was gifted some banana and ginger loaf, home baked by a charming lady. Oh, don’t I just love #Shetland and it’s warmth even on a wet day! All this food, entertainment and experience for just £4 an entry! What a bargain! And a lot of love comes free with it all! So, if you want to enjoy a really great Sunday afternoon treat, then Sunday Teas in Shetland it is! You can look forward to a great selection of home made sandwiches, strawberry gateau, meringues’, trifle, fruit pie, scones, sponge cakes ….. All this for all your family, young and old! The famous Sundayteas have been a BBC feature a few times as well, so hope you get to experience this soon and until then..

Dunrossness Hall preparing for the feast
 Keep smiling, keep shining  Anu    PS – My mission soon *now that I have passed my driving test*, one Sunday to just get in the car and go round the halls and get some of their recipes or even help them bake! Why not, any joiners with me?

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