Next ‘You inspire Me’ story -#ThevoiceShetland

Next ‘You inspire Me‘ story …
Music is the rhythm to life and music scene is a big one in Shetland , so my next ‘You Inspire Me’ story is musically tuned.Hold on, because it is not just about a musician … it’s about a musical couple!!! Now isn’t that super, two in one inspiration :p
She looks like Emma Watson, well wait till you see her picture! Born and bred in the Shetland Isles, she is one of the lead vocalists in a band and music truly flows in her blood and she said to one of her interviews to BBC that she had phobia from any creature that doesn’t have a recognisable face, moths, bugs, crabs etc etc ! She has a touch of humor… She is the Voice UK Fame! 

He has been her longstanding boyfriend and very musical himself. Together or alone, when they are on stage, it’s always on fire (good fire!) Their voice is powerful, moving and talented. It takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to keep the passion flowing and to pursue what you love, even outside your day job… He doesn’t fail at that! Together they are #Voiceshetland!

Their interview will sure give you some giggles !! So, Keep tuned in for the compete story on here! Coming up…

Come back soon

Anu xx

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