When the eyes open to sunrays trying to enter the room through the gaps in your black out curtains, THAT is a happy start of the day in my definition!  

Work day was busy as always , but managed have a lunch time walk to soak some outdoor goodness, fresh air and to get some lunch and the scenery was a bonus !


Lerwick basking in the sun

I was sort of looking forward to tonight’s #bootcamp session for two reasons. One, sun was in his glory best and that I was to go on holiday soon..

#Holidaytalk (my favourite topic,me thinks)… we are off to Prague soon..can’t wait!! It is all short planned, not planned but perfect I feel! So, expect a lot of #travelblogging on #Prague soon… Just let me get there , promise it will be #responsibleblogging :

So, back to my bootcamp, oh the #warmup was intresting with that knee tagging play. Person who gets two tags , does 3 burpees and back again… You know the knee tagging game right , if you don’t read this’s just like hospital tagging , It’s fun! S went for a swim while I almost killed my arms boot camping ! Lori is brutal but awesome ! (I should have taken a picture, but I was almost dying) And she gas great ideas to get you going.. 

It always feels great after the workout (not during). Shattered but buzzing with energy, we didn’t feel like going home so went for a drive to Neesik! You know where Neesik is righ… No ?!! Well then, read this 😉 our weekend sorta home it is ! 

Had a shot of coffee and chatted about Andy’s Indian made tandoor that is soon to land in Shetland while S was discussing family trees with Jacqueline..we joost love visiting them and getting some warm cuddles with the kids and bean the dog !

Came home to a bowl of goodness, meaning saladgreens and mini turkey fillets for supper, well my supper … while S chose to lawn mow…

Bowl of goodness
Had my bowl in the garden while still getting baked in the sun … and listening to old ‘bollywood‘ songs , bliss! 

Lawn mowing is an art, that I don’t like!

I tell you, I go all excited when the sun is out in Shetland ! You know it by now I guess…

Came back home , to a box of eggs left for us as a goodbye gift from the lovely neighbour while he is away in Kazakhstan. Nice of him, we thought .. 

 Well , that was my day, all about sunshine, bootcamp, drive, coffee, greens and eggs and more sunshine!

What was your like ? Leave me a comment , one word or a full story , would love to know what you did today?

Until then rain and shine , always smile

Anu xx


  1. Fabulous..reading can’t wait for any further blogs…. Well today was 20 deg, blue skies. White clouds, some slightly grey…breeze started .. Slightly stronger now… And clouds may have a shower to two… But bed time now… And it’s promised to be a sunny day tomorrow too.. I will keep you informed… Take care Annie.. Regards to you both. Xx

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