What is the big deal about Blog Name Change?

Finally , I am doing this.. Blog #reincarnation time , #doodlepoll time guys ! 

Click here to vote and read more for the full footage 🙂 

This has been simmering and simmering! And after a lot of after thoughts, shower-thoughts, debating in my mind and outside, I have decided to change my blog name.

Like, how important can be a blog’s name and what’s the whole big deal about it all? Well, guess what… I have now learned it is as important as is your name!

I don’t know how you feel, but my blog to me is like my child and I like to take a lot of care of it. There used to be mornings , when first thing my I searched for with half-open eyes was my phone, but now the iPad has taken preference, and I know I am not the only one (please say I am not!) ! So, saying that, of course, name comes essentially under the ‘taking-care’ criteria too. When I started blog writing about only a few months back, it was a prompt and a happy decision completely out of passion. Hence, I picked up a prompt and happy name! I don’t regret that but since then I’ve been thinking and I concluded the name needs to be for the future, one that is a  keeper for as long as the life of the blog!

My only two thoughts for choosing ‘Zindagi – You are Rawmazing’ were, one I wanted a bit of Indian’ism in my blog name (ofcourse because I am a pure desi at heart) so zindagi meaning life in Hindi (my mother tongue) was picked. The Second thought was- to me life can be both gritty and amazing at the same time so rawmazing (Raw+Amazing) came into existence. And the name was christened! I was well impressed with myself thinking I may be have invented a word ..I have to say, later when I typed ‘rawmazing’ on its own, I was a little less impressed as it already existed in the multifarious web world ! On second thoughts, may be I should have invested in a post explaining the blog name and why I chose it..note to self !

By the way, I still like that name because it got me started so I think it will be my new name’s tag line 🙂

There goes a bit of background sharing…

It was all going OK , until I started receiving some feedback from my readers which made me think.  They had a point! I soon recognised that my blog name was difficult to remember because many didn’t know what ‘Zindagi’ meant. While some made an effort to ask me or Google, most obviously didn’t (and I wouldn’t too, if it was me!). I felt blessed with healthy critique by way of my close family friends, my close blogger friends, my dad and my closest ever, S (my husband). At one point, everyone was getting fed up of me asking them ‘hey what do you think…?’ and I got those ‘corner of the eye’ looks even on whatsapp! But I didn’t give up.

It was then, I started reading about all the technical mumbo-jumbo like #domain name, #self hosting, #SEO, #plugins, #siteredirection. Bless me, more I read, the more it confused me. All so much for a hobby!! But I won’t lie, I take blogging more seriously than any other hobby I have tried, and trust me I have tried many including singing, absailing, swimming and failed brutally! But blogging seems natural, it is comforting, it is stress busting, it feels like freedom. If one day I can make my hobby my profession, I will tell you now that I won’t mind 🙂


Back to my jumbled mind, I didn’t let my confused and freckled state of mind alter my determined soul. I started jotting down everything in my diary like how we learned A-Z. Every new thing that I learned that day went in my journal and then I did web comparisons. I was lucky that I am a member of the #UKBloggers group, without whom I would have been totally lost as they answered lot of my daft questions and kept it together for me ! I decided to take baby steps ..

First things first – Choose a #domainname!

A name that I would love but also my blog readers would love to remember! I feel deciding on a name is the MOST important step to effective blogging.

To make the choosing a name process easy and relevant, I narrowed my thoughts into THREE Questions.

1- What do I write about?


2-What is the tone of my writing?

Happy, Inspirational, thoughtful, sometimes emotional, sarcastic, witty, poetic and sometimes just casual

3-Who do I write for?


Using the answers to these three questions, I made a list and then a short list. Now I need to you choose the best of the best for me!

Because my blog will be for you, yes YOU who is reading it now! I would like YOU to choose the name, the name that you loved most.

Here’s link to the doodle poll of the shortlisted names and you can vote in there! The names are kept simple, short, easy to search and remember they have the ‘it’s mine‘ flavours!

From here on, it is simple (atleast I think it is!), the name with most votes will win!

So please click here & vote and you will be doing me a big favour.

The names I have shortlisted and their relevance :

  • MeOutofOffice because I have a fulltime day job and blogging is my out of office time
  • Filsket meaning HighSpirited in Scottish (and a result of a late night chat)
  • Culture Coulee, meaning valley of culture 
  • LifeOnMyIsland , I live on an Island !
  • MyWanderingMind,  because it is never at rest
  • You may not like any of these, but the poll doesn’t have that option !  Soz!

Hope you enjoy the power of voting and the power of sharing some blog love with me :0)

I will wait for a few days and when I have received enough votes, I will declare the results. This is only first step of more #reincarnation so if you can hold me and help me take those baby steps, I will be greatful ..

Until then, please share if you like .
Anu xx


  1. I agree name is important but not as important as the content… my blog name for most would suggest 100% pet blogger, which I am not – people forget other meanings of “bark” so I have to remind them from time to time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I see a lot of people changing their blog names nowadays, I’m so glad I just picked my name for the name of my blog, that way I don’t have to worry about having to change it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very true hun, a blog name is the most important, I have thought of changing my blog name but 1 i’m not very well known and 2 i don’t what to so at the moment i’m leaving it as it is. I know what you mean by reading up on everything it totally confused me as well

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re right the name of your site- which is essentially your brand – is a massive deal when it comes to blogging. I think longer blog names can be hard to remember as well, this is one of the reasons I just chose my name. Good luck with the name change x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love LifeOnMyIsland best because it can be a metaphor as well as factual. It’s tricky picking the right name. I think about changing mine (Mother Distracted) but I need a clearer direction I think x

    Liked by 1 person

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