7day Travel Blogging From Czech

Travelling excites me ,it-gives me a high. I do fancy being a niche travel blogger, and get paid trips to everywhere in the world , to travel and write. But who would not fancy that! Living in a remote and rural location, (which by the way has it’s many positives) , it isn’t very practical to travel all the time. On the brighter side, I feel I am lucky to be married to a sailor who loves travelling as much as I do. He has been to every continent except Antartica for obvious reasons and he says he will take me to every continent he has been,although I would mind missing on Antartica, again for obvious reasons .ha!
So here I am travelling again and turning this into a travel blogging opportunity for me . The plan is a 7 day challenge for myself, where I intend to blog every single day sharing my days worth with you ..

Expect a lot of photos, smiles, blue skies, coffee culture , local beer, castles and bridges ! A bit of shopping too ..I will tell you the things I tried , places I went to and people I met .. I will tell you what I liked and what I didn’t , and that would totally be my personal opinion. But who knows, you may be planning a trip to Prague soon.

I hope you enjoy the travelling with Life on MyIsland and keep plugged in for Czech challenge updates. These will be short updates as S is already giving me the shrunk eyebrow looks as if to say , what about me?! But never mind, with him I have my ways to get the grin back 🙂
Time 23:27 UK time (but posted when wifi is available)

Date 30th July 2015
What I am doing just now ? Just finished watching Jurrasic World and now, Blogging and smiling ,tucked in the duvet. Sailing has been very smooth. No where near sleep though ! Quite Flisket 
Where am I blogging from? Northlink ferries
What is the first new thing if the day? My new Canon , my first DSLR and I even got a crash course from a pal 

Highlight of the day -There were a few but I would say Chocolate Marquis on the boat, in the middle of North Sea, basically middle of nowhere 

Something I would do differently next time? Rememer to pack the credit cards next time with the clothes, belts and bags! Fail! (Also if the wifi worked , I would have published this, but guess this will have to wait until morning – damn #Firstworldissues)

Come back soon 


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