Why am I Blogging ?

Namaste, Hello, Hola, Ciao, Salut! Hope we are all happy and shining. I would like to tell you why I am talking to you here on #Zindagiyouarerawmazing ? And bit about me .. I live 60° North and it’ a bit windy today ! Well that is Shetland for you! Never heard of the place?! Me neither, until we moved to Shetland. I won’t go on and on about Shetland because there will be never be enough of that in my other posts anyway, but all I can say is Shetland made me the island blogger!

Like many of my friends and co-bloggers, I love to travel, to try new food, to talk to new people, learn their dialect, dip in the culture, enjoy a tune and shake a leg! I love my holidays with no itineraries. Although I would love to tour guide one day! I am not a fan of making plans but I am told off for that. I wish this word didn’t exist!

Writing has been on my mind for so long but life’s to do list felt like the length of my arm. I felt I was losing control. When someone asked me what my hobbies were, I didn’t have a ‘real’ answer. And that made me a bit sad and thoughtful… I felt like there was a ‘want’ in my heart and I did not want that ‘want’ to die. After-all we all live for those little and big wants and desires. Don’t we ?? AND that made me want to do what I liked . I liked writing a diary as a child and this is may be my grow up version of it, if you like  .. So here I am…

I have picked up writing is because I feel we are all such an accumulation of imaginations, discoveries, creations, failures, memories, learning, happiness and so much more than even words can define. But, there has to be some way to share that invaluable treasure with your friends, family, acquaintances and anyone who is keen. Some way to disseminate that wealth into the world, some way to radiate contentment, infuse the bliss, learn from slips and celebrate the swim! And , I guess this is my way to do all that and so much more. It is my way to relax, soothe and feel free. I have decided not to call myself a blogger yet as I have a long way to go. I would like to call myself a ‘writer of small things’. I like the small things in life. As they say the “little wonders of life”.


I feel blessed when I get up in the morning and see the birds feeding on the seeds, when one of them occasionally flies to the window side and smirks at me as if to say hello, when the sun shines in my eyes, when the tulips bloom in the raised beds, when the sky changes colours, when the wind has a story to tell. I feel rewarded when I can light the fireplace, make a brew and start typing. I enjoy writing baggage free. I like the sound of  typing those keys, deleting, rewriting, forming my thoughts and feeling that I am creating. Creating a story, sometimes a memory and sometimes just experiences. That feeling is happiness to me.

About the name of the blog, I will be honest , I didn’t give much thought to it (may be I should have!) except for spontaneity ! I feel ZindaGi (Life in Hindi) is both gritty and amazing at the same time , so why not rawmazing! And that’s how the name happened. Some have fedback that it’s a bit childish, well don’t we all have a child in us ?! I do !!

So, I hope you will like reading my stories and my writing and I hope you come back every now and then and see the small things of life as I see them. Add a perspective, leave me a comment, be my friend or just tell me what I can do better?! Don’t forget ,  Zindagi (aka Life) – is truly raw and amazing after all !! image 

email me on  anushreeganguly@gmail.com or connect with me on Facebook/Twitter 




  1. Awesome beginning and everything Big and Great in Life, had a small and will always have small elements to it. Zindagi Rocks….


  2. Great work Anushree!!!i simply
    Love it!! It might drive many amongst us to do something similar. I believe in the same mantra of life… Live life as it comes… Keep rocking!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jeff.. I like that you find the name interesting , you sort of assured me that it wasn’t too immature after all! Although some say it’s difficult to remember and google will not mind me much! But I don’t write for google, I write for happiness 🙂


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